12 May 2014

Pulse London 2014

Yesterday I went to Pulse London, a famous trade show where you can find home products, gifts, fashion and accessories. It was inspiring! I discovered beautiful things made by skilled designers. The stands were lovely decorated, every detail was carefully planned and the people were very friendly. I didn't´t take pictures, but I grabbed some business cards and after finding their details and pictures over the web, I decided to write a little post about the treasures I found.

1. The Black Rabbit: cute knitted products for the home and gifts. I fell in love specially with the little lapin.

2. Paleolochic: beautiful textile creations, relaxing and minimalist. Handmade in Mallorca, Spain.

3. Debbie Barber: I really love pottery and ceramic and the pieces that this designer makes are simple fantastic! I would love to have some of them decorating any corner of my house. 

4. Hippstory: a  Swede designer. These geometric creations are wonderful! I really like the colors she chose for them. 

5. Wolfram Lohr: handmade leather products created in England. They have a very interesting story about how they started. The pictures show how pretty they are!

6.  Just Trade: Lovely fair trade jewelry. My favorites were the geometric ones. In the show you can appreciate pieces they don´t have in their online shop. They are so beautiful! 

7. Boop design: cute and delicate porcelain and ceramic creations, featuring hand drawn illustrations. Gorgeous!

8. Samantha Holmes: alpaca clothing. They probably are very cozy and warm!  

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I liked visiting the show. 

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