19 May 2014

The beauty of Kenwood House Part 1

If you go for a walk in Hampstead Heath maybe you will get lost if you don´t know the park well. This little adventure maybe would lead you to a magical place. Imaging you are walking in the wood and suddenly within the trees appears a fine estate house with all its splendor. You would be instantly delighted by the view and you maybe would chose to lower your pace. The birds could be chirping and the atmosphere is relaxing. This is what you can enjoy if you visit Kenwood House.

Kenwood House is one of those London's hidden spectacular places. It was closed for more than a year because it was being restored. Opened again, you can enter for free.

If you need a refreshment you can visit The Brew House Café, located in the former service area of the estate. It has a lovely terrace and they serve homemade cakes, lunches and hot and cool drinks.

It is definitely a place worth visiting. In the second part of this post I will show you the interior of this amazing house. 

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