07 November 2014

My little jungle

Inspired by the project Urban Jungle Bloggers, created by Igor from Happy Interior Blog and Judith from Joelix, I wanted to style a little corner of my home with my plants. I love plants and specially succulents, so I decided to start a collection sometime ago. They are great to decorate interiors because they are so easy to maintain and look wonderful.

I am in love with the tiny ones, they look almost like toys. For two of them I found a pretty little pot with a vintage feel.

There is one in the picture that is not a succulent and it is in a very bad condition. It is a kind of fern called "Venus hair". I am doing my best to keep it alive, but this particular plant needs a lot of attention, they are very delicate.

Though the styling looks beautiful, the plants can't stay there. They are located actually in the kitchen, beside the window. I realized that they grow better there.

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