06 August 2013

Handcrafted blog and logo: the process

Yol contacted me because she wanted to start a new photography project. For it she needed a brand new blog and a logo. She wished to have a personal branding, an image to be identified with. From the beginning she asked me that she loved minimalist designs, so she wanted a very clean blog, with soft and pastel colors. She wished to have a camera in her logo, too, but she was open to other options. 

We explored the kind of designs that would suit her, the look and feel she most liked and that involved a lot of questions. At the end it was almost clear she could like something handmade. 
So, I hand drew a camera.

The name of the blog is "The magic hour photography" so I thought that some stars would complete the logo design. I passed the camera into the computer, added the starts and the colors.

To complete the design I hand drew other details, such as the Social Media bottoms and two lines of dots which serve as decoration. 

Then we explored various blog versions, changing some colors, layout, typography until the final result were ready. 

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