18 November 2013

Renegade Craft Fair London

About a week ago I visited The Renegade Craft Fair London.

There were so beautiful things there.

I bought some little prints from different artists. They are so beautiful. From left to right: Charlotte Valance, Hello Paper Moon and Mister Peebles.

And when I was ready to leave the show, I found a maker who had some incredible bags and I fell in love with them immediately. Her name is Karen Meyers. All her bags are made from recycle materials, which for me has great value. They are colorful and you can see that she takes care of all the details. It was very difficult to choose one, but finally I bought a little and practical one. I just love it!

When I got home I found her website and blog. She just moved from USA to a little town in England with her husband and son. And it is great to read her story in her blog.

I love this, full of color. I borrowed the image from her Etsy Shop.

So, if you love stories as much as I do and bags, you now know where you can find both.

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